Turner Ashby offers a wide variety of co-curricular and extracurricular activities. Each student is urged to participate in one or more of these activities.

Should students fall behind in their school work, extra help and teacher conferences take precedence over any extracurricular activity.

However, while there is no disputing the important place grades hold in education today, the most valuable factor is the total education an individual accumulates.

In order to take advantage of the extra learning opportunities afforded by these activities, schedules should be planned carefully. Obligations at home, church, and in the community should be considered in arriving at a program that is most suitable for each individual student. Parents are to be fully informed of extracurricular activities, the hours, schedule, and events.

Activities will be scheduled during the day or after school at a time convenient to the group and its adviser. Students are not to remain after school unless they have been requested to do so and then only if supervised by an adviser. Only officially recognized school groups may use the school building or its facilities.

In addition to athletics and clubs, there are a number of opportunities for TA students to participate in activities and competitions in the areas of academics and well as the fine arts and humanities.

Maps and Driving Directions for TA events and competitions.


There are a number of opportunities for TA students to participate in activities and competitions in the areas of academics, fine arts, and humanities.

Drama (One-Act Play)
Marching Knights - The Turner Ashby High School Marching Band
Musical Theatre
Scholastic Bowl (Academic Team)
Shakespeare Competition
Yearbook (Photojournalism)

Clubs and Co-curricular Activities

The TAHS club program is designed to make available as many different types of clubs and activities as possible to meet the interests of the student body. The plans, activities, and functions of each club are decided upon and carried out by the members and their elected officers, with the help of an adviser.

The downloadable list of clubs/student organizations does not include all possible clubs/student organizations that may be organized each year. Clubs and student organizations must be approved by the principal according to School Board policy.

Make your high school experience more memorable, as well as more educational, by getting involved in one or more student clubs and organizations.

Click here for a complete directory and descriptions of all the clubs and organizations.